The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas: Collection 2

Experience one of television’s greatest science-fiction series, The Twilight Zone – fully dramatized for AUDIO! The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas feature a full cast, music and sound effects and today’s biggest celebrities in modern radio dramatizations by Dennis Etchison of creator Rod Serling’s classic scripts. Hosted by Stacy Keach, The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas will keep you glued to the edge of your seat whether listening in your home or while driving in your car. This collection features 4 stereo recordings. "The Thirty-Fathom Grave" Starring Blair Underwood. When a Naval destroyer picks up a signal from a ship that sank twenty years ago, a crewman is haunted by a strange memory buried at the bottom of the sea. "The Man In the Bottle" Starring Ed Begley, Jr. What if a genie granted your heart’s desire? Is it possible to wish your way to happiness – or is the hidden price more than anyone can pay? "The After Hours" Starring Kim Fields. A young woman goes gift shopping in a department store and is trapped on the ninth floor when the store closes – even though no such floor exist. "Night of the Meek" Starring Chris McDonald. Every year Corwin plays Santa Claus for the kids in a department store. But this time there may be more presents in Santa’s bag than even he can imagine.

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Book Title: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas: Collection 2

Book Author: Stacy Keach

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ISBN: 1591711266