Archangel Raphaels Crystal Healing - Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation CD number 11 in a series of guided meditations for spiritual and personal development; directly from the Archangels and Ascended Masters through trance-channeller Jill Harrison. This healing guided meditation by Archangel Raphael through spiritual trance-channel Jill Harrison was given to help mankind experience multi-dimensional healing. This Archangel Raphael healing guided meditation offers you the opportunity to balance mind, body and spirit. Not only is this meditation a wonderful relaxation tool for releasing stress and tension, it can help you get a great night s sleep. 1. Introduction - Glenn 04:05 2. Meditation - Glenn 23:15 3. Meditation - Jill 22:04 Connect with Archangel Raphael and after a deep relaxation process, you will be taken to a cleansing waterfall to help you remove negative energies and purify your body. Then journey with Archangel Raphael to his crystal healing chambers for multi-dimensional healing. Connect with angelic divine love and experience the different coloured crystal rays of healing light before finally being allowed to access the Akashic Records chamber for spiritual guidance. Optimise your ability to heal yourself with our healing guided meditation. Gain inner peace, discover serenity and tranquillity in this Archangel therapy guided meditation.

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Book Title: Archangel Raphaels Crystal Healing - Guided Meditation

Book Author: Glenn Harrison

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ISBN: 1905923015